Luther celebrates Oktoberfest

29 Septembre 2017 Par Luther Luxembourg
(Photo: Luher Luxembourg)

Luxembourg – on Thursday, 28 September 2017, Luther celebrated its annual Oktoberfest at the FNEL – Scouten in Luxembourg. As in previous years, Luther welcomed international clients and business partners as well as lawyers from the Luther network.

Following the traditional “O’zapft is” (“It’s tapped”) ceremony, in which the first beer barrel is opened, the guests enjoyed authentic drinks, food and music in a Bavarian setting. Many of the participants followed the invitation to wear traditional Bavarian costumes such as Dirndl and Lederhosen.

“Undeniably, Luther Luxembourg has German origins, and this evening is a great opportunity to share this tradition with our international clients and business partners. For many of our clients with whom we have been working together since the opening of our office, our Oktoberfest has become a set annual appointment in their calendars. Therefore, I would like to thank all our guests who greatly contributed to the success of the event with their participation. On the basis of the positive feedback, a new edition of the Oktoberfest is planned for the forthcoming year and we are already looking forward to it,” explains Eric Sublon, Managing Partner of Luther Luxembourg.

About Luther

Located in the European Union’s premier financial centre, Luther Luxembourg offers comprehensive legal advisory solutions to multinational corporations, investment funds, private equity and financial institutions. To best serve its clients, Luther Luxembourg utilises the greater network of the law firm’s international offices.

Luther is one of the top addresses among German commercial law firms. From its ten German offices and six international offices, the firm’s lawyers advise their clients both in legal disputes and in organisational issues.

The Luther Luxembourg team is composed of multicultural and multilingual lawyers with extensive practice experience. Luther Luxembourg was founded in 2010 and is a société anonyme registered with the Luxembourg Bar.

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