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19 Mai 2017 Par Bmatix
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Companies have a lot of data, but they don’t know what to do with it. Many realize that data provide valuable insights, but they have no idea how to unlock them and create competitive advantage. Bmatix can help.

Copy-Paste Officers
Many companies are unaware of the potential of their data. The awareness is growing, but the investments in business intelligence (BI) and analytics lag behind. Even if the return is hard to calculate, it is enormous.

How many people in your organization build Excel-based reports? How many CPOs do you have: Copy-Paste Officers copying data into spreadsheets for reporting? How much time do they spend copying instead of analyzing data and focusing on new insights, new opportunities, enhanced decision-making and increased earnings?

Power of analytics
New insights lead to new analyses. The cycle never stops. It’s like the Deming wheel of continuous improvement. This is the true power of analytics. BI, however, used to have a bad reputation: expensive, slow, complicated, incorrect results. That’s over now, with agile BI and tools like SAP BusinessObjects Lumira, SAS Visual Analytics, Qlik Sense or Microsoft Power BI. You quickly convert data into information and see results.

Tools are very powerful now. A new report takes 3 hours, not 3 months. The emphasis shifts from technical to creative skills, and to insight into business objectives and processes. That’s where our specialists make the difference.

Governance and GDPR
Data is all that’s left once your processes are completed. Materials, machine runtimes and deliveries are stored as data. Would you let your machines become rusty and unusable? Definitely not. Machines are tangible and costly. They deserve good care. Data, however, are intangible and cheap. We don’t pay to generate it. That’s why companies consider data as a side effect… and do not invest in data governance.

BI and analytics have shifted from IT-driven to self-service, where business users create their own reports. Data governance is a major point to be solved: how can data security and quality be guaranteed? A well-managed data platform is a prerequisite.

Data governance is key when it comes to audits and compliancy. What about GDPR - the new data privacy regulation? A lot of the work to be done is data governance. Where are personal data located? Which other systems do we share our data with? Who has access to which data? Organizations with data governance processes in place have a big advantage over those who haven’t.

Insider tip: seize the GDPR opportunity to implement a robust, sustainable data governance framework.

Bmatix experience
The mission of Bmatix is to teach customers how to handle data and information. More than a process implementation, BI is a learning path relying on progressive insight. Technique is a small but essential part. Bmatix combines different technologies, from different providers. The focus is on providing the solution that works best for you. Bmatix does not believe in one tool for all. Effective information management is a matter of providing the right information to the right people at the right time. Bmatix offers analytical solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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