“The Arch Summit to connect the right people”

20 Avril 2018 Par Jonas Mercier
Warrick Cramer
Warrick Cramer: “Arch Summit is planned by the Tomorrow Street Innovation Centre, which is not an event agency but rather a product of collaboration between the corporate, public, and start-up worlds.”
(Photo: Tomorrow Street)

Ahead of The Arch Summit on 3 and 4 May, Tomorrow Street’s Warrick Cramer explains that hosting the event in Luxembourg will help showcase how the country’s innovation ecosystem is making a global impact.

Mr Cramer, between an innovation fair, a new technologies conference and a telecommunications summit, The Arch Summit is an event of a new type. Could you please define its concept?

“Many events aim to connect start-ups to large organisations, but fail to generate truly impactful relationships. Arch Summit is planned by the Tomorrow Street Innovation Centre, which is not an event agency but rather a product of collaboration between the corporate, the public, and start-up worlds.

Connecting the right people from these worlds isn’t something we are just doing at this event, it is something we do day in and day out. We know what works, and we are uniquely positioned to bring the right people in to make that happen.

Why did you choose Luxembourg to organise this world-class event?

“The same reason we chose Luxembourg as the launchpad for global innovation from Tomorrow Street. The entire country is constantly looking towards the future and taking actions to get there faster than anyone else.

The innovation ecosystem in Luxembourg is already diverse and is making a global impact, and this is only the beginning. We want to do our part to demonstrate this to the world.

Who in particular is it aimed at, start-ups or larger groups looking for innovative solutions?

“Innovation can truly flourish when both groups co-create disruption alongside the community, not alone. Therefore, Arch Summit is for all of these groups: start-ups, large organisations and anyone interested in seeing and shaping the next generation of innovation.

In addition to over 200 tech exhibits and dozens of inspirational speakers, we will host pitch competitions for €250,000. That will reveal not only the next potential unicorns, but also the entrepreneurs that can change the world through the social impact and female empowerment competitions (each with a €50,000).

This event is important to anyone that is interested in seeing the starting point of innovations that will change the world.”

Visit the Arch Summit website to find out more! In partnership with Arch Summit, Paperjam is offering limited free attendee tickets for our readers to experience future technologies from across the globe here in Luxembourg.
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La rédaction a choisi pour vous

Eva Wimmers, présidente de Honor (Huawei).

14 Avril 2018

Les 3 et 4 mai prochains, l’écosystème start-up du Luxembourg vivra un moment historique. L’événement international organisé par le centre d’innovation Tomorrow Street, et dont Paperjam est partenaire, rassemblera au Luxembourg plus d’un millier de décideurs d’entreprises innovantes du monde entier.

Whoopi Goldberg

29 Mars 2018

L’actrice américaine parrainera un prix dédié aux femmes actives dans les nouvelles technologies lors de l’Arch Summit. Cet événement international organisé par l’incubateur luxembourgeois Tomorrow Street réunira start-up et décideurs autour de l’innovation.

Fabrice Croiseaux: «Nous voulons confronter les opinions d’experts sur des sujets où il n’y a pas de bonnes ou de mauvaises réponses.»


Woop (World of Possibilities) sera la première «battle conference» organisée au Luxembourg qui invitera des décideurs à trancher sur les grandes questions du futur. Paperjam s’est entretenu avec Fabrice Croiseaux, CEO d’Intech, entreprise partenaire de l’événement, en vue de ce débat qui aura lieu le 28 mars à la Maison du savoir d’Esch-Belval.