05 Octobre 2018

En dressant son bilan de l’année 2017, le Luxembourg Future Fund annonce, sans citer de noms, quatre futurs investissements qui devraient faire progresser le secteur technologique au Grand-Duché.

Stéphane Badey: “The circular also tackles the recourse to intermediaries who carry out marketing and which act on behalf of clients.”

03 Octobre 2018

The recent CSSF Circular 18/698 is subtitled “Specific provisions regarding the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing applicable to investment fund managers (IFM) and entities carrying out the activity of registrar agent”, which is a strong statement that fighting money laundering and terrorism financing is close to the heart of the CSSF.

Laurent Marochini: “Today, a single company may be on the cutting edge of technology, but it will not necessarily have a competitive advantage.”

03 Octobre 2018

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” This quote by Peter Drucker, a renowned professor of business management at New York University, is more relevant than ever with regard to the new technologies available in the financial industry.

Ann Doherty: “Private equity is not the only industry facing these kinds of challenges. Asset managers of other asset classes are also dealing with complex, long-term and fundamental sector changes.”

02 Octobre 2018

Traditional fund management represents the main vehicle for growth and the key to Luxembourg’s status as a hub for the global fund industry. However, in line with J.P. Morgan’s strategy to provide services to all asset classes, one in particular has experienced an exponential rise in recent years and has found a fruitful home in Luxembourg - private equity.

Mario Mantrisi: “A clear understanding and reporting on which sustainable investing strategy is used and if measurable environmental or social impacts are created is fundamental.”

02 Octobre 2018

For a long time, there has been a general market perception that sustainability underperforms. Market research proves current beliefs wrong. Mindsets are changing and traditional asset managers are now seeking the opportunity to develop ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) product lines. What if, in the future, investment funds perform less if ESG factors are not taken into account?

Raymond Groen In’t Woud: “As manufacturers typically use multiple providers across Europe to distribute their products, the standard of target market data distributors receive is inconsistent, and may actually be of very poor quality in some circumstances and hence increasing the risk.”

01 Octobre 2018

Managing MiFID II compliance and leveraging its potential commercial opportunities require manufacturers and distributors to embrace automation more enthusiastically, and disentangle themselves from antiquated manual processes.

Marc Noirhomme: “Across Asia, the types of local distribution channels to market European funds vary considerably, which drives the need for a localised rather than regional distribution strategy.”

01 Octobre 2018

Distributing in Asia on a cross-border, multi-jurisdictional basis can be a complex and challenging strategy to develop, implement and maintain, especially when retail investors are key targets.

Said Fihri: “New technologies not only increase efficiency but also bring product and service opportunities for asset managers and their clients.”

28 Septembre 2018

Over the last decade, Luxembourg has strengthened its position as Europe’s fund industry hub. With more than 4,000 billion euros in assets, the Grand Duchy’s fund industry is mainly dedicated to fund administration, custody and transfer agency services, as well as compliance and risk management activities.

28 Septembre 2018

L’Association luxembourgeoise des fonds d’investissement (Alfi) a été mise à l’honneur mercredi soir durant une soirée organisée en clôture de la Global Distribution Conference qui se déroulait depuis la veille.

À l’occasion du 30e anniversaire de l’association représentant l’industrie luxembourgeoise des fonds, de nombreuses personnalités étaient réunies pour la soirée de gala, dont les présidents.

27 Septembre 2018

C’est dans le cadre de la seconde et dernière journée de la traditionnelle Global Distribution Conference de septembre que l'Alfi a célébré son 30e anniversaire, mercredi soir. (Photos: Anthony Dehez)

Stephen Bird: “The new economy is about frictionless transactions, curated experiences, seamless service and higher value. And the bar rises every day.”

27 Septembre 2018

We are living through what is perhaps the most profound period of disruption in human history. Digitisation is by far the most powerful, disruptive force transforming the way we live, work, engage, consume and communicate. We are in a new reality, an epochal shift.

27 Septembre 2018

C’est dans le cadre de la seconde et dernière journée de la traditionnelle Global Distribution Conference de septembre qu’a été célébrée, mercredi soir, la fondation de l’Alfi.

L’Association luxembourgeoise des fonds d’investissement, qui a été le moteur de l’émergence et du succès de ce pilier désormais incontournable de la Place, affiche 30 bougies sur son gâteau d’anniversaire.

26 Septembre 2018

AKD Luxembourg a le plaisir d’accueillir Dayana Bert, 36 ans, en tant que senior associate au sein du département Fonds d’investissement. Cette arrivée marque l’expansion continue du département. Dayana Bert est spécialisée dans la mise en place de véhicules d’investissement alternatifs réglementés et non réglementés, conseillant ses clients sur la structuration, l’organisation et la gestion de ces fonds d’investissement.