IOT, Creating Intelligent Distributed Systems

07 Mai 2018 Par Accenture Luxembourg
(Credit Photo : Accenture)

Robotics, immersive reality, artificial intelligence, and connected devices are bringing a new level of technological sophistication to the physical world. But businesses that assume their existing IT infrastructures will support these systems do so at their peril.

Enabling intelligence for the next generation of technology demands an overhaul of existing IT infrastructures. A balance of cloud and edge computing along with a renewed focused on hardware can help companies deliver intelligence everywhere.



Intelligence is everywhere. Welcome to the Internet of Thinking.

Across industries, the next generation of intelligent solutions are moving into physical environments. Improving traffic flows in smart cities, telemedicine that continuously analyzes a patient’s condition, and disaster analysis that prevents oil field catastrophes before they start are all possible with intelligent solutions. IT Infrastructures need to be developed to reach into the dynamic physical environments they want to serve–and it needs to happen now.

Every business must extend its #ITinfrastructure into the dynamic environments it wants to serve. #TechVision2018

Extended infrastructures–from the cloud to the edge and everywhere inbetween–will become the backbone of the Internet of Thinking. At a time when many companies have grown accustomed to software-driven solutions as their go-to strategies, it’s urgent to place a renewed focus on hardware.

Driving AI, robotics, and other revolutionary technologies to their full potential requires significant effort across key areas of business processes and strategy. Smart investments in service design, infrastructure transformation, and hardware considerations will empower truly intelligent environments that meet people where they are.

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Find out more about the opportunities and challenges of building the Internet of Thinking, and how to get started with the strategies that will empower its growth.

Our SlideShare shows how leading companies are experimenting with intelligent environments today and investing in the tools to deliver intelligence everywhere.


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