07 Mai 2018

Robotics, immersive reality, artificial intelligence, and connected devices are bringing a new level of technological sophistication to the physical world. But businesses that assume their existing IT infrastructures will support these systems do so at their peril.

11 Avril 2018

Are you ready to say goodbye to outdated systems and stay competitive? Companies need to utilise strategic partnerships to keep from falling behind. When these partnerships are technology-based, they can expand partner networks faster and into more ecosystems than ever before. Outdated, legacy systems are becoming a major hindrance to the relationships companies need to grow in order to innovate, compete, and win.

04 Avril 2018

Inaccurate and manipulated information threatens to compromise the insights companies rely on to plan, operate, and grow. Unverified data is a new type of vulnerability, and one that every business leveraging digital technologies must address.

28 Mars 2018

Teleportation may not be a reality just yet, but immersive experiences through technologies like virtual and augmented reality are taking us to far away places and making distance a thing of the past. Extended reality is the first technology to “relocate” people in time and space, and we are here for it.

20 Mars 2018

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, growing in its reach throughout society. Businesses need to capitalise on AI’s potential to stay in the game. As AI continues to rapidly evolve, it’s becoming a partner among people, with unprecedented access and impact on the ways people work and live.