Mercredi 09.05.2018
à 11:00
Fête de l’Europe

Celebrate 68 years since the idea of a peaceful European Union was first put forward at this gathering of nations in Luxembourg City.

Samedi 14.04.2018
à 16:00
Rugby: Luxembourg vs Finland

Luxembourg plays Finland in their third game of the season. Come along and support them as they play at home in Josy Barthel stadium.

Samedi 26.05.2018
à 07:00
Schleck’s Gran Fondo

Watch this UCI world champs qualifier race from the home town of cycling brother the Schlecks, Mondorf-les-Bains.

Mercredi 25.04.2018
à 18:00
Potential Brexit outcomes

The British Chamber of Commerce organises this financial services evening forum entitled “Hard or soft, what’s on the Brexit menu?”.

Lundi 07.05.2018
à 12:00
Negotiate like a local

Have you ever experienced an international deal going wrong and not understood why? You understand how to develop business and close deals, but somehow, things are different once you’re dealing with people from countries other than your own. Have you ever thought about how culture might be affecting the challenges you face?

In a world where business is becoming ever more global, understanding and managing cultural differences is vital for continued success. 

Mardi 08.05.2018
de 16:30 à 19:00
Dans les coulisses... de SES

Premier opérateur mondial de satellites, la Société européenne des satellites (SES) a été créée le 1er mars 1985, avec l’appui de l’État luxembourgeois, qui demeure toujours l’un de ses actionnaires.

Jeudi 17.05.2018
à 18:30
U.S. Midterm Elections Debate

A series of electoral contests will play out in different states on Tuesday November 6th 2018. Depending on how well Democrats do, the party could kill the Republican legislative agenda in Congress. But if Democrats do poorly, they could feel the consequences of their failure for the next presidential election in 2020.
What would the consequences of these elections be for Europe and Luxembourg? Behind the candidates and the parties, what are the positions and policies? 

Jeudi 03.05.2018
à 18:30
In conversation with... David Schrieberg: America in the age of Trump: Is Rome Burning?

The 2018 US midterm elections will be held on November 6th, in the middle of Republican President Donald Trump's term. This conference will be an opportunity to step back and assess were America stands after 15 months of the Trump presidency and where it is going. Institutions are being weakened in unprecedented ways. Is the chaos a temporary anomaly or is America for-ever changed?  What's at stake with the upcoming midterm elections? How likely is it that we get Trump for a 2nd term? What would be the consequences for Europe? For Luxembourg?

Mardi 17.04.2018
à 17:45
Before Delano : The trends of the real estate market in Luxembourg

Before enjoying Delano Live at Big Beer Company, we will discuss the trends of the real estate market in Luxembourg. We will also touch on the popular neighborhoods for residential and debate the pros and cons of buying vs renting. Finally, we’ll talk about the new models for renting and the evolution of the digital search engines in this field.


Simone Van  Schouwenburg, ING

Vendredi 16.03.2018
de 16:00 à 12:30
When coding becomes fun

For its 3rd edition, the “Code of Game” hackathon, regrouping more than 200 developers and designers from all over Europe, will challenge participants in a 24 hour coding marathon around sustainable development.

Jeudi 29.03.2018
de 09:00 à 18:00
Photo: A work displayed at the Young Art Under Ground 2015 show. Picture credit: BCEE
Young Art Under Ground 2018

For its 5th edition, students from 18 high schools will share their talents with you during the “Young Art Under Ground 2018” exhibition.

Jeudi 15.03.2018
à 19:00
Making Code - Changing Codes

Les femmes dans l’histoire de l’informatique.

Conférence organisée dans le cadre de l’exposition «2045-1542 (A History of Computation)» des artistes Fabien Giraud & Raphaël Siboni, et plus particulièrement de l’œuvre «1922 - The Uncomputable». En collaboration avec le CID-Fraen an Gender.

À l’occasion de la Journée internationale de la femme 2018.

Samedi 24.03.2018
de 18:00 à 20:00
A weekend of solidarity

Show your support to people battling cancer with Le Relais pour la Vie with this inspirational weekend event.

Jeudi 22.03.2018
à 16:30
Startup World Cup 2018

One of the 20 regional semi-finals taking place all over the world, battling for the prestige of winning the Startup World Cup and a US$1 million prize in investment, will be held in Luxembourg.