13 Septembre 2017
Théâtre National du Luxembourg
166, avenue du X Septembre
1940 Luxembourg-Belair
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Acting masterclasses in Luxembourg

Budding actors can finetune their skills in a series of acting classes offered by Actors Repertory Theatre Luxembourg starting in the autumn.

The first series of actors lab classes, exploring the notion of “play” are open to the non-actor and the curious, as well as beginning and experienced actors.

The classes will explore games of all sorts, the relationships formed in those games, and status, irreverence, fun, etc. Participants will also take time to reflect on how the class affects them individuals and where that may lead. The class is also an opportunity to explore creativity through physicalisation.

The second series of classes will concentrate on Voice—the speaking voice and breath. We as modern humans do not realise, or use our full vocal potential. This monotone vocal life is often a result of blocked breath.

This class series will also explore the breath and voice and their relationship to the body and emotions. It will explore and play with sound via different ranges and resonators in the body. The classes will be an in-depth exploration to find and free your voice.

It is also open to anyone, non-actors, beginning actors or even experienced actors—anyone who would like to explore their speaking voice.

The third part of the series on play will focus on “The Play”—that is, the theatrical play. Participants will explore and delve into scene and character work through play, experimenting with finding the characters through traditional methods as well as through physical body work and play. These series of classes are reserved for experienced students. If you would wish to participate in this series you must submit a CV or have participated in a prior Actors’ Lab acting class.

Where and when

The Play Series 1: Exploring through Play and Voice classes will be held at the Théâtre National du Luxembourg Atelier space, 166, avenue du X Septembre, L-1940 Luxembourg-Belair.

The play classes begin Wednesday 13 September and continues Wednesday evenings until 25 October.

The voice classes begin Thursday 14 September and continues Thursday evenings until Tuesday 24 October.

The Plays Series 2: Play in the Play classes will be at a location to be determined, tentatively beginning Wednesday 25 October and continuing Wednesdays 13 December.

Cost for any one class (six sessions) is €300. Take any additional classes for half-price €150.

All three classes (with instructor approval) €600.

Contact Actors Rep for more information and to register email [email protected] or visit

Plan d'accès