SES collaborates with Latin American ISPs and Telcos

30 Novembre 2017
The highly flexible and customisable SES Networks Enterprise+ Broadband platform for Latin America is underpinned by SES’s unique combination of satellites.
The highly flexible and customisable SES Networks Enterprise+ Broadband platform for Latin America is underpinned by SES’s unique combination of satellites.
(Photo: SES)

New flexible, customisable broadband platform will empower telcos, internet service providers and value-added resellers in Latin America to deliver seamless high performance connectivity.

Telcos, internet service providers (ISPs), system integrators and value-added resellers in Latin America can now seamlessly deliver reliable, scalable internet and cloud connectivity using SES Networks’ latest turnkey carrier-grade multi-tenant platform, Enterprise+ Broadband, SES announced today.

The highly flexible and customisable SES Networks Enterprise+ Broadband platform for Latin America is underpinned by SES’s unique combination of satellites providing comprehensive coverage over the region, an extensive global teleport infrastructure, and iDirect’s scalable ground system capabilities.

In today’s world, connectivity has evolved from a convenience to a critical component of business success. Businesses – no matter how big or small – increasingly rely on web-based apps to streamline and gain operational efficiencies when serving customers. Always-on connectivity is key to ensuring positive user experiences which favourably impact customer satisfaction rates, loyalty and provider revenues.

Telcos and ISPs that seek agility, scaleability and flexibility can cost-effectively bundle and resell connectivity to create new value-added enterprise solutions. Reseller partners can also add resiliency, co-location space, enhanced analytics, and network monitoring and management services to their solutions.

ses  networks enterprise broadband platform

The benefits of SES Networks Enterprise+ Broadband include:

  • Exceptional web-based applications performance

  • Flexible bandwidth shaping and management capabilities for data, voice and videoservices

  • Efficient network utilisation

  • Security standards that ensure confidentiality and secure access control using authentication

  • Optimised quality of end-user experience

  • Simplified operations, with a reduction in CAPEX and OPEX

  • Flexible wholesale packages and attractive partner incentives

“As economies in key Latin American countries move to provide broadband access for all, regional telcos and service providers are stepping up efforts to bring new digital services opportunities to better serve local businesses. Enterprise+ Broadband simplifies the process of delivering and managing those high performance connectivity services so service providers can focus on reaching new markets and connecting new customers,” said John-Paul Hemingway, executive vice president, product, marketing and strategy of SES Networks.

SES Networks Enterprise+ Broadband was first launched in Africa in 2015 and is widely used and valued by numerous regional telcos and ISPs across Africa for its flexibility to scale connectivity whenever required by their customers.

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