New thinking on the Horizon

14 Juillet 2017
Yves Francis, Managing Partner at Deloitte Luxembourg
Yves Francis, managing partner at Deloitte Luxembourg.
(Photo: Deloitte)

Deloitte dedicated the 7th edition of the Horizon conference to exponential organisations, artificial intelligence and green and blue economies.

Luxembourg, 10 July 2017: The Horizon conference is Deloitte’s annual conference dedicated to the future of financial services. Every year, just before the summer doldrums hit the financial sector, the conference gathers financial industry professionals at the Philharmonie to illustrate innovative trends and new thinking that are likely to affect the industry. This year’s edition highlighted the importance of thinking ‘inside out instead of outside in’, as exponential organisations and new economies are gaining both traction and talents.

Keynote speaker Yuri Van Geest, co-founder of Singularity University Netherlands, captivated the audience with his speech on exponential organisations and artificial versus human intelligence, and stressed the importance of making organisations more technological and at the same time more human. According to Yuri Van Geest, an authentic purpose is the secret to success in the age of tech.

Alternative economies

“The financial sector is not only being disrupted by new technologies and an increased level of regulation. What we would like to show with this conference, is that new thinking, globalisation and value-driven decision-makers are also reshaping the industry and challenging the status quo,” explained Pascal Martino, partner and digital leader at Deloitte Luxembourg.

The Horizon conference set the scene for the launch of Deloitte Luxembourg’s new whitepaper “Luxembourg – from recovery to opportunity”, which is a 10-year retrospective on the financial sector in Luxembourg. Yves Francis, managing partner at Deloitte Luxembourg, presented the main findings of the report in his opening speech. Minister of Finance Pierre Gramegna addressed the audience through a personalized video message and Marc McCaughrean from the European Space Agency took the finance professionals on a virtual journey to Mars.

The 2017 edition of the Horizon conference took place on 29 June and was sponsored by LHoFT, with Paperjam as media sponsor. For more information about this conference and former editions, please visit

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Au 30 juin 2017, le patrimoine global net des organismes de placement collectif, comprenant les OPC soumis à la loi de 2010, les fonds d’investissement spécialisés et les sicar, s’est élevé à EUR 3.943,598 milliards, contre EUR 3.956,366 milliards au 31 mai 2017, soit une diminution de 0,32% sur un mois. Considéré sur la période des 12 derniers mois écoulés, le volume des actifs nets est en augmentation de 12,70%.

Commissariat aux assurances

14 Août 2017

Après un début d’année déjà prometteur, la croissance de l’activité du marché de l’assurance s’est accentuée au cours du deuxième trimestre de 2017: toutes branches d’assurances confondues, les primes augmentent de 26,94% par rapport à la même période de l’exercice précédent.

Sur les six premiers mois de l’exercice 2017 l’encaissement global enregistre une progression de 16,28% avec des primes en augmentation de 17,81% en assurance-vie, et de 6,98% dans les branches de l’assurance non-vie.