1st China International Import Expo Luxembourg

05 Juin 2018
Bank of China Nicolas Buck Fedil
Bank of China Luxembourg successfully held China International Import Expo Luxembourg Promotion Event.
(Photo: Bank of China)

 On 31 May 2018, with the support of the Chinese Embassy in Luxembourg and the Economic and Commercial Counsellor, Bank of China Luxembourg held the China International Import Expo Luxembourg Promotion Event in Luxembourg City Hall. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of Luxembourg Mr. Etienne Schneider, Chinese Ambassador of Luxembourg Mr. Huang Changqing, theCommercial Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Luxembourg Mr Guo Jianjun and other distinguished guests made speeches in this event. More than 60 companies and institutions with a total number of over 100 people attended the event. Madam Zhou Lihong, the General Manager of Bank of China Luxembourg, briefed the guests on the significance of the China International Import Expo, the close relationship between the Expo and Luxembourg industry, and the Bank of China’s experience in promoting global trade and related financial services. 

Under Head office’s guidance to support national strategy, Bank of China Luxembourg attached high importance to the China International Import Expo, as designated by government as the sponsor of the promotion event, invited the Luxembourg government, Industry Association, local industrial and commercial customers, Xinhua News Agency and local media to participate in this event to ensure a wide distribution of the news of this Expo in Luxembourg. The participating companies covered Luxembourg’s advantageous industries such as automobiles, steel, logistics, high-end equipment, data processing, and health and environmental protection. The contents of the event were warmly received and highly recognized by the guests. The Xinhua News Agency also gave detailed reports on this event.

  This promotion event of China International Import Expo in Luxembourg is the first of its kind sponsored by Chinese commercial enterprises. Its successful holding representing Bank of China’s ‘take social responsibility’ values, not only effectively expanded the impact of the China International Import Expo in Luxembourg, but also enhanced Bank of China Luxembourg’s position in local market.

La rédaction a choisi pour vous

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