Save me! I need a tech and compliance superhero!

14 Novembre 2018 Par Calligo
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Every business has big plans for 2019. 

You may be aiming to launch new services or deploy additional capabilities. Or to open new locations. You may be intending to acquire a business, or even be acquired yourself. 

Whatever your ambition, technology will be key. Hardware, applications, cloud, access anywhere – these will have been the foundations of your business to date.

Luxembourg businesses usually rely upon IT support companies, managed service providers or IT consultants to advise them on the most suitable technology to achieve their goals.

But these resources are finding themselves falling behind what businesses now need. 

What about compliance with industry bodies or legislation? Most companies operate in an industry with some form of regulation, inevitably impacting their IT infrastructure. 

Financial services companies must act in accordance with the CSSF. Any company that accepts credit or debit card payments must ensure their processes are compatible with PCI-DSS. Energy, telecoms, construction, law – these industries and others are closely scrutinised by their own regulators. These bodies, usually with power to issue fines for non-compliance, require their members’ IT to meet certain thresholds for records management, archiving, security and others. Standards that few IT service providers are even aware of, let alone able to advise on. 

And what about data privacy? Do you know which of the various data privacy laws apply to how you treat your employees’ and customers’ personal data? You almost certainly have EU citizens among your customers, marketing databases or workforce, which means GDPR applies to you. In which case, how do you use that data? And where do you keep it? What processes and workflows are protecting your business from personal data being collected or used illegally?

Most of the IT service companies and consultants supporting Luxembourg businesses lack the skills to balance technology with privacy and compliance. This leaves businesses like yours dangerously exposed to industry regulators and national law. Not to mention irreparable brand damage.

Which leaves every ambitious business owner asking: “Who can help me balance agility, growth and innovation with the need to maintain compliance and obey privacy laws?”

Businesses need a dedicated, integrated resource that can provide network and infrastructure support, strategic input on how technology can best serve the ambitions of the business, while also protecting the data privacy and compliance interests of the business and its customers. And they need it affordably. And urgently. 

This is the role of the Virtual CIO – the modern business’ IT, privacy and compliance superhero.

The Virtual CIO, or vCIO, is an integration of these key roles of the modern IT department.

It combines the management of the business’ IT network and its cloud environment, while also providing critical strategic consultancy that protects your business from regulator scrutiny and privacy law breaches. 

It is a rare and essential resource for the modern business environment, and it is available ‘as a service’ to Luxembourg business.


Come join us at our Club Talk on 28th November 2018 to find out more about this unique resource, or download our explanatory whitepaper here:

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